• Certification BodyBureau Veritas Certification North America, Inc.
  • Certificate StatusValid
  • Certificate TypePEFC Chain of Custody
  • Certificate ParticipantsMulti-Site
  • Certificate ScopeHardwood specialty pulp, pine specialty pulp [Products: Hardwood specialty pulp, pine specialty pulp; COC Method: Percentage Method; Origin of input material: PEFC Certified, PEFC Controlled Sources]
  • Multi-Site Cert (hidden search field)Yes
  • Certified OrganizationRayonier Advanced Materials Wood Procurement LLC
  • HQ LocationHQ
    4474 Savannah Hwy
    Georgia, United States
  • reviewed by adminYes
  • Cert Notification Acknowledgement - customerNo
  • Cert Notification Acknowledgement - CBNo

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Certification Dates

Registration Date2016-03-02
Expiry Date2026-02-28

Certified Locations for this Certificate

Site NameCityCountryState/ProvinceAddress 1Address 2Postal Code
HQJesupUnited StatesGeorgia4474 Savannah Hwy31545
Rayonier Advanced Materials Wood Procurement LLC-14822CollinsUnited StatesGeorgia25947 Highway 2330421
Rayonier Advanced Materials Wood Procurement LLC-14823FernandinaUnited StatesFlorida10 Gum Street32034
Rayonier Advanced Materials Wood Procurement LLC-14824BarnesvilleUnited StatesGeorgia102 Roger Brown Rd30204
Rayonier Advanced Materials Wood Procurement LLC-14826OffermanUnited StatesGeorgia2794 Railroad Lane31557
Site 4QuitmanUnited StatesGeorgia1929 Johnson Short Road31643