LP Legacy

  • Primary CategoryFlooring
  • End-Use
    • Floor Trusses
  • Description / KeywordsToughness has a new name, and it’s LP Legacy™ sub-flooring. It represents over 40 years of manufacturing excellence combined with the legacy and knowledge gained from our LP® TopNotch® product line. The result? A premium sub-flooring that is one of the strongest and stiffest on the market today. What makes LP Legacy sub-flooring so unique is our exclusive collaboration with the Gorilla Glue Company. We are the only company working with Gorilla Glue to bring to market high performance sub-flooring. This alliance will help builders promote a brand that is universally recognized for its toughness and durability by homeowners everywhere.
  • BUY DIRECT URLhttps://lpcorp.com/products/panels-sheathing/premium-sub-flooring
  • Wood SpeciesAspen, American Basswood, Maple, Southern Yellow Pine
  • Sold with the following claimsSFI Certified Sourcing
  • Sold with the following labelsSFI Certified Sourcing
  • Product AvailabilityAvailable for purchase at retail locations, Other
  • Product Availability Detailshttps://lpcorp.com/where-to-buy?sellerType=home-center&sellerType=dealer-lumberyard&sellerType=distributor
  • Associated OrganizationLouisiana Pacific Corporation
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