LP SmartSide Trim & Siding

  • Primary CategoryRoofing & Siding
  • End-Use
    • Siding
    • Trim
  • Description / KeywordsLP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products come in a variety of styles, including smooth finish and cedar-grain textures, to help you create exactly the look you want. Use them on their own or to complement other claddings, such as brick or stone. They’re beautiful on homes and in other applications. With products this versatile, the possibilities are virtually endless. LP has your back with an industry-leading, transferable limited warranty: a 50-year prorated limited warranty with a 5-year 100% labor and material replacement warranty.
  • BUY DIRECT URLhttps://lpcorp.com/products/exterior/siding-trim/products/overview
  • Wood SpeciesAspen, Basswoood
  • Sold with the following claimsSFI Certified Sourcing
  • Sold with the following labelsSFI Certified Sourcing
  • Product AvailabilityAvailable for purchase at retail locations, Other
  • Product Availability DetailsHome Centers, Lumber Yards, Dealer / Distributor, https://lpcorp.com/where-to-buy
  • Associated OrganizationLouisiana Pacific Corporation
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